Count on Quality, Loving Day Care at Tender Years Academy Center

Tender Years Academy Center is a family-owned business. We opened our doors in September 2002 with the vision of supporting working parents and families by providing excellent, enriching day care for children.

The Inspiration Behind Tender Years Academy Center

As parents of four children, we relied upon childcare providers to take care of our children in order to work outside the home. The following questions always lingered in our minds as we drove to work:

  • “Are our children safe?”
  • “What kind of challenges will they experience for the day?”
  • “Are they receiving the right educational roots to help them excel as they prepare for a lifetime full of learning?”
  • “Are they getting the opportunity to understand the community in which they live including the surrounding world?”
  • “Are they receiving the love close to what we as parents would provide them?”

We knew based on research that a child’s development depends upon safe and positive experiences during the first few years of life. And for any parent working during a child’s early years of development, selecting the appropriate child care/development center to answer the above questions is one of most important decision one will ever make.

With that said, we decided to explore our options and, in September 2002, Tender Years Academy Center was started. With great emphasis on providing an environment full of love and fun, we wanted to incorporate activities to help develop a child’s emotional, physical, and developmental skills steering towards achieving a high level of educational performance.

Even though our children are older, we continue our quest of providing working parents like ourselves a safe, positive environment filled with loving professionals who provide constant, quality care.

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Mon-Fri: 6:00 am-6:30 pm