Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten at Our Pre-K Day Care

This is a time when your child starts fully interacting with others. As a parent, you start to notice an improvement in their learning and coordination skills.

Tender Years Academy Center is there to help you with the continued development of your child when he or she is away from home. We provide an environment to help your child maintain the above skills while achieving new ones.

Our highly skilled teachers plan your child’s day around activities that improve their skills in all arenas while focusing on stimulating little minds and preventing them from falling back. The program also strives to give each child a sense of security and an assurance that he/she is loved.


  • Weekly lesson plans filled with experiences in language/math skills, music and movement, creativity, sensory, dramatic play, and literacy.
  • A safe outdoor playground to allow your child to practice their large motor skills.
  • A balance between playtime and learning throughout the day.
  • Activities geared towards instilling self-confidence and self-reliance in each child using self-help skills in cleaning up, feeding, and dressing.
  • Observation-based assessments that demonstrate your child’s progress.
  • Playtime and other free-choice activities are integrated in small groups, including structured table activities, to provide a variety of learning mediums for each child.
  • Daily parent-teacher communication to provide constant feedback regarding your child’s well-being.
  • Clean and regularly sanitized toys and rooms to protect your child’s health.
  • Skills readiness sheet obtained from the local school district to provide instructional training and experiences related to kindergarten. This readiness sheet may include the following:
    • Knows how to communicate needs
    • Separates from parents without excessive anxiety
    • Shares and takes turns with reminders
    • Follows simple directions and completes tasks
    • Identifies primary colors and basic shapes
    • Counts to ten or higher
    • Copies some letters or numbers
    • Traces or draws a line with some control
    • Helps dress him/herself


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